If you are already a user of PVC Heat Shrinkable L/F Tubing / Sleeves / Multicolored Labels or are looking for a better supplier for your products, we shall welcome your inquiry and shall be pleased to offer our MOST COMPETITIVE OFFER.

But in case you have not yet used PVC Heat Shrinkable L/F tubing / sleeves / multicolored labels we would request you to consider these for any suitable item in your product range & at the same time visit our product & technical page which will sketch a complete picture of our product and guide you with its various features, its advantages, its varied applications in almost all industries whether in India or abroad.

Some Important Points Before You Beginů

We would like you to please take a moment and analyze the following questions so that it helps you to take the right and correct step towards your product packaging.

Q. What is the type of product you want to get a seal for? (For e.g. is it a box, bottle, jar )

Q. What portion of your product needs this type of packing? The top, center or the whole product?

Q. Do you want to pack it single or you want to pack more than one piece together (Multi-pack)?

Q. How are you going to shrink it? With a Hot Air Gun, Heating Tunnel or Conveyer Machine.

Q. What is the weight of the product you want to shrink pack? It will help you to decide the thickness of the shrink film.

Q. Do you want the shrink film to be printed or non-printed, perforated or non-perforated, in roll form or in cut-pieces?

Q. What quantity should you order for? What should be the cost involved? How much time would it take for such type of packing?

We will help you with the solution for the above & much more. Please feel free to contact us for samples / information / queries / or any other matter, which will be of our pleasure to attend to.


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