Our Mentor Mr P M Mehta being the founder members of PLA TEC INDUSTRIES has excellent experience and knowledge of the product. Our product i.e. PVC Heat Shrinkable Lay Flat Tubing provides the perfect electrical insulation for Bus bars of low tension systems in control panels & switchgear systems. Bus bar sleeves are an excellent latest modern technology for insulation compared to age old conventional method of taping and painting etc. Our Product is available from 17 mm width to 300 mm width and in thickness ranging from 80 microns to 400 microns for the complete range of Bus Bar and which covers the variations as required by local/export units. Apart from the regular colours of Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Green, our innovative in-house team has also developed new colour like BROWN, GREY & WHITE and hence adding a new dimension of colour to theBusbarrange.


Working Temperature 90℃
Dielectric Strength 20KV /sq mm
Insulation Resistance 20 x 10 Ω at 500 VDC
Tensile Strength Min 400 Kg/sq cm
Ultimate Elongation Min 11%
Chemical Resistance Good
Fire Resistance (as per UL94-V) materials Self Extinguishing with no dripping of
Shrinking Temperature 150℃- 170℃ for 4-5 mins
Mechanical Strength Excellent
Heat Dissipation Excellent

The chart below will give you the complete idea of BUSBARS sizes and the right size of PVC HEAT SHRINKABLE TUBING for the respective busbars.

Sr. No. Size in mm Suitable for Bus Bars
1 17mm 8x4, 6x6, 10x3
2 20mm 12x3, 9x6
3 25mm 15x3, 12x6
4 30mm 20x3, 18x6, 16x3
5 35mm 25x3, 20x6
6 41mm 26x6, 25x9
7 48mm 30x10, 30x6, 25x12
8 55mm 38x6, 30x12
9 61mm 40x10,40x6, 38x12, 38x9
10 73mm 50x6
11 81mm 50x12, 50x10
12 85mm 60x6,60x10,60x12
13 93mm 75x6
14 103mm 75x12
15 110mm 90x12, 90x6
16 128mm 100x9, 100x6
17 140mm 100x12
18 150mm 120x6,120x10,125x6
19 170mm 125x10, 125x12
20 190mm 150x12, 150x10, 150x6
21 210mm 175x12, 175x10, 150x6
22 230mm 200x6
23 250mm 200x12,200x10
24 300mm 250x6,250x12,250x10