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MULTICOLORED REVERSE PRINTED PVC HEAT SHRINKABLE LABELS are one of the world's most ADVANCED AND VERSATILE form of labeling. High quality PVC Heat Shrinkable Labels are graced with brilliant colors & fine rotogravure printing. For their varied features, these labels enhance the appearance & increase the aesthetic value of the products. It is perfect to protect the quality of the products packed with it.

Features :

  • In Cut Pieces or in Roll Form.
  • Rotogravure printing from 2 -7 colors.

Advantages :

  • Enhances the identity of the product.
  • Scratch proof & eliminates chances of any damage due to its unique feature of rotogravure ( reverse ) printing.
  • Can be shrunk to even any odd shaped containers as they firmly get attached to the surface of the containers after shrinking.
  • No production time loss during packing as one operation of sticking the label around the container is eliminated.
  • Serves as a Value Addition Tool for the product.

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